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Cassidy's home x
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Our dinner menu is available daily from 4:00 pm until 2:00 am.

onion soup, gruyere, crouton 8   |   roasted red pepper and tomato soup 5/7
organic lettuce salad, pecorino, champagne vinaigrette 7
grilled romaine, caesar dressing, pecorino, balsamic pickled egg 9
quinoa and arugula salad, chevre, summer vegetables, champagne vinaigrette 12
fried green beans, sambal vinaigrette, almonds 8
hand-cut fries, pecorino, rosemary salt 6.5
country pork terrine, tart cherry and apple chutney, arugula, grilled como 11
crispy fried calamari, lemon-caper aioli 10

marinated and grilled flank steak salad, romaine, red onion, tomato, gorgonzola vinaigrette, pepitas 16
pan seared oregon rockfish, crispy risotto cake, kale, salsa verde 19
veal and pork ravioli, sage brown butter, arugula, lemon, pecorino 16
grilled pork porterhouse, red beans, kale, garlic, roasted and marinated peppers and onions 18
mary's organic chicken, french green lentils, english peas, bacon, sage 19
oven roasted summer vegetables, white cheddar polenta, tomato-hazelnut romesco 16
fresh fettucine carbonara, house made pancetta, pecorino, black pepper, arugula, lemon 16
piedmontese top sirloin, savory bacon and leek bread pudding, roasted garlic lemon butter 25

cassidy's burger, tillamook cheddar, tomato-bacon jam, pickles, aioli, fries 12
grilled chicken breast sandwich, bacon, swiss, aioli, fries 11
grilled hill ham sandwich, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, fried egg, salad 10
bbq beef sandwich, apple bbq sauce, slaw, aioli, fries 12
grilled cheddar and gruyere sandwich, roasted red pepper and tomato soup 9
smoked chicken hash, corn, potato, scallions, white cheddar, green salad, egg sunny side up 11
flatbread pizza, garlic white sauce, roasted poblano, cotija, smoked chicken, arugula 10
elbow mac 'n' cheese, white cheddar, herb bread crumbs 9

our aiolis are made with unpasteurized egg yolk
from willamette egg farms


mushroom risotto; pan roasted sablefish with leek and apple hash, served with arugula puree x